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Grey Eyes


Featuring 10 of the band's most spectacular songs recorded to date, Grey Eyes – polished, crisp, sprightly, and architecturally realized – is a sublime and energetic continuation of the band’s catalogue.

"Grey Eyes isn't just something new for the Salteens, it's a kind of masterpiece. 4/5 stars" - AllMusic

"A pop album with a deep, innocent heart that tackles the uncertainty of the future [with] incomparable Spector/Bacharach/Wilson-esque melodies." - Vancouver Sun

  1. Last Train From London
  2. You're Taking All Of This Too Far
  3. Everything They Know About Us
  4. Weird Times
  5. Hallowed Ways
  6. Savings and Loans
  7. If Love Is Gone Where Do We Go From Here
  8. Go On
  9. You Stayed Up With The Lights On
  10. Don't Break My Heart

Release Date: October 12, 2010