Image of 'Ritual Tradition Habit'

'Ritual Tradition Habit'


The Belle Game’s debut LP Ritual Tradition Habit begins with bashful keys, a soft wave of cymbals and a pair of ambiguous phrases. ‘Ritual’, a sweetly haunting soundscape, lasts only a few moments before fleshing out an explosion of wild and witchy tunes. Led by the hypnotic vocals of Andrea Lo, The Belle Game weave intricate guitar lines and dark pop rhythms into gorgeous melodies that are graceful and elegant, with the rawness of a boozy confessional. Vancouver alt-weekly The Georgia Straight describes their music as "...a mix of pastoral pop and percussion-bombed art rock."

Recorded in Vancouver, BC by John Raham (Be Good Tanya's, Frazey Ford) Ritual Tradition Habit is a journey through 12 beautifully layered tracks, interrupted by the occasional chant, hymn and instrumental rumbling.

  1. Ritual
  2. River
  3. Wait Up For You
  4. In Secrets
  5. Wasted Light
  6. Tradition
  7. Bruises To Ash
  8. Blame Fiction
  9. Salt + Water
  10. Keeps Me Up At Night
  11. Little Wars (Causing Your Trouble)
  12. Habit

Release Date: April 16th, 2013