Image of Let Go Of Your Bad Days (USA)

Let Go Of Your Bad Days (USA)


Just in time for summer, this American import featuring lovely new artwork and deluxe digipak packaging. Fancy! This sophomore record has all the same measure of quirky energy and invasive melody lines that you'd expect of your favorite pop band. A compact, energetic and joyous barrage of guitar-pop punches, snappy lyrics and sing-along choruses, served up over a set of jubilant melodies that will reside in the back of your brain for days on end like a soundtrack to spring fever.

  1. Let Go Of Your Bad Days
  2. Damn You
  3. You Stood Out From the Crowd
  4. Look Up! Look Out!
  5. Turnpike
  6. Summer's Gone
  7. Not For Nothing
  8. Thoughts From Sound
  9. Time You Have Been Wasting
  10. Home Again

Release Date: November 9, 2005
Catalogue: BPA001