Image of Pre-Earthquake Anthem

Pre-Earthquake Anthem


"An unforgettable, if somewhat happily disturbing listen. 5 out of 5"
- DJ Magazine

"Beautifully detached, dirty and dangerous; this really is the stuff of wonder. 9 out of 10"
- Jockey Slut

"A highly evolved, electrofied masterpiece of witch punk."

"Listeners may hear the storm clouds brewing, but the summer wind whipping up before the rain has caused many a child to dance around with glee before being dragged inside."
- All Music

"The aural equivalent of an empty metropolis or a Don Delillo novel. Listening to it, you can literally feel time slow down, and the vocals, for once, are sincere. Chilling."
- Pop Matters

  1. Trancenation
  2. All Sleepers
  3. Roomtone
  4. Non-Revival Alarm
  5. 7 Minutes
  6. Our Faultline
  7. The Theme For Tonight
  8. Asthmatic