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Slow Action


On Slow Action, their fifth full-length album, Run Chico Run have created a swirling art-pop, space-rock spectacle - pure and simple. The guitar notes sparkle with pulsating clarity while moody keyboards sweep to smooth sounding jazz outakes, creating a melodic eccentricity all their own. Slow Action transcends description - that is, until you put on your headphones and at once fully realise that Run Chico Run sound something like Geddy Lee and Bryan Adams being force fed ambrosia salad off the floor of a Trans Am by the 1976 Dallas Cowboys, and that's beautiful and all that really matters.

  1. Broadcaster
  2. Clockwork Crows
  3. Smitten
  4. Old Mens Clothes
  5. Silver Train Hour
  6. Little Hairs a Curling
  7. Oneanotherwell
  8. Famous for Being Famous
  9. Sportscars for Everyone
  10. Slow Action...

Release Date: March 21, 2006
Catalogue: BPA 011